slide_23-720x261What is Family Office?

Within the realm of family services, exists an important service, that of Family Office. Whether you’ve created the newest mobile app craze and made a boatload of money or have just come into an inheritance or written and sold the next Harry Potter-like series of books, managing the family funds is so much different than managing a business. That is where the family office comes into the picture.

Family office management is a substantial partnership designed to help you manage your family funds, meet your tax needs, protect yourself legally, and more. You may simply be overwhelmed by the complex nature of managing the financial resources and responsibilities of the family.

Mark Rotstein can act as a family office, or trusted advisor, to your family. Mark will act as a trusted advisor who is loyal to your family and exercises extreme confidentiality in all matters pertaining to your family. He offers advice and guidance that is unbiased and objective. He receives no financial gain from pushing families into investments, services, or purchases that aren’t in their best interests.

The primary function of a family office is to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. This requires building a relationship with the family in order to determine priorities and needs so that all of them are met.

Because the role of Family Office is so personal it is important to take the time to find someone that you feel comfortable working with and trust completely. Without a relationship built on mutual trust, it will be hard to provide the information and access a family office needs to function properly on your behalf. There are a few things you want most from your family office.

  • Experience
  • Understanding
  • Discretion
  • Honesty

It’s important to understand that while the name is family office, these services are also available to individuals who have a high net worth and need assistance in managing the scope of your wealth or resources.

The truth is that you need a team of people working for you to help manage your wealth and allocate your assets for growth today and in the future – while making sure that the mundane things like taxes, legal matters, bills, insurance services, property management and maintenance, and trusts for children and grandchildren are handled appropriately.

Mark Rotstein is here to help you manage the complexities of your day-to-day financial issues while also helping to prepare you for the many changes ahead of you. Whether you’ve been dealing with your financial management in the past, are looking for new management options, or you are new to your wealth and need a little help getting things under control, Mark can help you get a handle on your family office needs. He will quickly assess the situation and then take a little time to understand your goals and needs before taking action to remove the burden from your shoulders.

You’ll find that once you are no longer dealing with the unnecessary stress of family office responsibilities, you have so much more time to invest in things that are most important to you.