slide_12-720x261Mark Rotstein is the founder of Equilibrium Partners Inc. The organisation offers personal service to high net worth families in the form of Family office, household staff management, philanthropy coordination, investment and estate planning education, property management, succession planning, multi-generational education, and education for children. The understanding is that EQ can assist families with their financial decisions, planning, and goal setting at all stages – acting as a stabilising presence for families when major changes or life events occur.

Rotstein has more than 20 years of experience providing personalise, one-on-one services to families of all shapes and sizes. He prides himself in building strong relationships with the families he serves. This is accomplished through spending a great amount of time with the family in order to determine goals and identify specific financial needs so they can be met. Equilibrium Partners Inc. has a very distinctive philosophy to share its vision of the role the organisation plays in helping families throughout Toronto meet their needs.

The EQ Philosophy

These are the philosophies that allow EQ to offer the high level of personal service that is important to them to offer. This includes the number one priority of keeping things personal. In order to accomplish this, EQ maintains focus on a select number of individuals and their families. That way attention isn’t spread too thin to be effective and time isn’t taken away unnecessarily from the relationship building process.

The next important philosophy is to remain completely objective and transparent. There will be no conflicts of interest. No products to sell. No commissions earned.

EQ works in concert with your existing advisors in order to promote a spirit of cooperation and provide greater opportunities for success.

EQ is committed to the success of its clients. This means it is tireless in its efforts to ensure that same success and exceptional personal service on all levels.

Attention to detail is critical in carrying out its responsibilities. This is what sets Equilibrium partners apart from so many other family offices and similar service providers.

We feel it is a privilege to work with the families we serve. To that end, we provide you with discretion and confidentiality through various events and milestones in your life and our service.

Equilibrium Partners Inc. believe it’s this philosophy that makes all the difference in the world and sets them apart as true industry leaders.

Mark Rotstein has built an organisation he can be proud of. His twenty year history providing services to high net worth people and their families has created a firm foundation for Mark. One that is built on integrity, trust, and open, effective communication. That is why Mark prises trust so much today.

The commitment to building relationships is crucial to the nature of the service EQ provides, especially when dealing with spectacularly high net worth families in need of assistance managing their financial resources. Call Mark today to learn more about the many resources and services that are available to you and your family.